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~ I am passionate about fabric.
~ I love making things - cushions, candles, quilts, whatever needs to be made.
~ I also love making and revamping clothes.
~ I live in an inner-city townhouse which is too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
~ I read a lot.
~ I love baking, but don't really enjoy cooking.
~ I would love to have a vegetable garden in my 3mx3m fully tiled courtyard.
~ I am an auntie to six.
~ I am owned by a small yet fiercely determined tuxedo cat.
~ I love sharing a bottle of wine with friends and trying to put the world to rights.
~ I enjoy trying new things but I'm probably happier being at home with David and the cat.
~ I love shopping and I love clothes. But I don't like shopping FOR clothes.
~ I have a secret addiction to DIY programmes on television.


fabric, sewing, embroidery, painting, reading, jewellery, home, furnishings, music, walking, dancing, wine, friends, family, clothes, wardrobes, op-shopping,